Hand stamped coordinate bracelet

This coordinate cuff bracelet, has been hand stamped with the Latitude Longitude of a special place!

This it’s the best site to find your coordinates of your favourite location:

Just type your favourite place name and click find.
Then enter the GPS Coordinates that will be shown, in the personalization box below.
If you have difficulties or you just don’t have the time to search, just enter the full address and I ‘ll find the correct coordinates for you.

Example of GPS Coordinates

37° 59′ 1.716” N
23° 43′ 39.1404” E


This coordinate cuff bracelet, has been hand stamped with the Latitude and Longitude of a special place!
The bracelet can be personalized with the coordinates of a special place from your life, like a first date, a new home, an enjoyable vacation, a wedding or with any message, date, initials or names.
It’s also a perfect anniversary gift for him or her, a perfect gift for a friend, a unique long distance relationship gift!

The coordinate cuff bracelet measures 150mm x 9mm and 2mm thick.
This is a standard dimension cuff bracelet and fits most of the wrists. However, if you need a bigger bracelet, please let me know.

Material : Aluminium
Aluminium is hypoallergenic, lightweight metal, strong and resistant to tarnish.

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Your product will be ready to ship within 3-5 days after purchase.

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