Anniversary gift for wife

This is a unique anniversary gift for wife and husband. It is a beautiful personalized keychain, a 10 year anniversary gift, a couple’s gift, a custom keyring!
The keyring has been hand stamped with symbols and dates to make your own family-life history.

It can also be customized with any other message you like.
You can have your title (our life, our story, our family etc) and up to 5 lines.

You can choose among:

Hearts : year you met and be together
Wedding ring : the year you got engaged
House : moved in together
Car : the year you got your new car
Dad and Mum: got married
Dog : the year you got a dog
Paw prints: the year you got your dog/pet
Cat : the year you got a cat
Little girl : Birthday year of your girl
Little boy : Birthday year of your boy
Baby feet : Birthday year of your newborn
Pregnant woman : maybe you are pregnant at the moment

Please enter your personal details at the personalization box below.


hearts 2002
marriage 2005
girl 2010
boy 2015
We love you



This is a unique wedding anniversary gift for husband and wife. It is a beautiful anniversary gift for 10 years, a personalized keychain, a couple’s gift, a custom keychain that will create beautiful memories.
The metal keyring has been hand stamped with symbols and dates to make your own family-life history.

Material: Aluminium
Aluminium is hypoallergenic, lightweight metal, strong and resistant to tarnish.
It looks like sterling silver, but it is a more affordable option.

The aluminium tag measures 50 x 30mm and 2mm thick.

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Few things about the technique

All our products are handmade and hand stamped using Metal Stamping technique.

Hand stamping involves each letter, design, punctuation etc, being hammered onto a blank item of metal. My items are not machine engraved or printed. Νot all characters will have the same depth and may not be perfectly aligned and even. This is not a flaw, and perhaps the item you receive may slighly vary from the item pictured. The stamped characters can sometimes appear on the back of the keyring and this is simply because of the metal displacing.